Lekas Kembali Semangat Hidup

Mimpi-mimpi yang sempat patah, semangat hidup yang mulai pudar, ayo lekaslah membaik dan lekasnya untuk sembuh. Sudah saatnya untuk terus tumbuh dan berjuang sembuh.

Terlepas pada akhirnya berhasil atau tidak, aku tidak akan pernah menyesal, aku ikhlas dengan hasil dan hidup yang aku rasakan, rasanya begitu puas saat hidup diatas keputusan yang kubuat sendiri. Orang bilang “semua akan indah pada waktunya”, aku pikir itu benar dan hal yang paling aku yakini adalah “aku tidak akan pernah menyesal dengan apapun yang telah terjadi dihidu-ku!!”


Tetaplah Tenang Meski Tertekan

Jangan pernah untuk membiarkan ego itu menguasaimu, tetaplah tenang meski jiwamu tertekan, tetaplah sabar meski itu sangat sulit, tetaplah kuat meskipun itu sangat menyakitkan dan tetaplah rendah hati meskipun kamu punya segala hal.

Semuanya sekarang mulai terasa sulit dan berat, beban hidup, beban pikiran, dan perasaan cemas yang selalu hadir saat sedang sendiri dan dilanda kesepian. Sekarang mungkin sudah saatnya untuk mengontrol dan mengatur ego pada diri ini. Semoga saja hari-hari yang akan datang besok bisa lebih baik dan membahagiakan.



I feel helpless now, I feel lost, I can’t feel anything, I think I’m starting to get lost and confused. I do not know what I stand for now, I am also confused by the purpose of my life now. a problem that always comes, and the meaning of happiness that I haven’t found. I am easy to stress right now, even though I am still young and I already have a problem that is actually not ready for me to face alone. I lost my real self. I was like in a box but I locked it myself. For those of you who are experiencing the same thing as me, let’s fight together, now I realize that the depression that I’m experiencing is because I think too much of a burden that really doesn’t need to be thought about, we just have to make ourselves comfortable and happy.
yeah.. we all have burdens, sometimes we can and dare to share it with others and sometimes not. but that doesn’t matter, we’re just having a bad day and we also have a beautiful day, let’s fight for this life and for the people we love.


“Afraid to live but we are also afraid of death, forget it! let’s fight for our lives and our loved ones.”


What am I really looking for?

Lately I often sit alone roof of the house, with a cup of coffee and cigarettes. sometimes I think why my life is like this, I often feel empty and confused. I have a job and my income is not big enough but I think it’s enough for my life now. As I sipped my coffee, I told myself “is life just like this?” work, eat, drink, laugh, alone, find a girl and get married. I just feel very bored today, I don’t care about what will happen tomorrow, I just focus on living what is right now. woman? I really have forgotten how to date, I don’t really think about women right now, I don’t know what happened to me, I think I still haven’t found what I’m really looking for until now. do you think I’m stressed? no !, I’m still fine. in my opinion life is indeed like black and white, there are things that are always contradictory and opposites, as well as water and fire. I always pray and hope to find what I am really looking for soon and I also hope that for you who like me find it soon too.


― tatsat, The Absolute

True Happiness

I no longer know how many sins have been recorded in the book of angels, maybe day by day the record is increasing. But is this just my feeling, or maybe it really does exist. Do you all feel the same way?, the older we get, the more things about life we ​​realize?.

Do you agree?.


When I was little, I always dreamed that when I grew up I could have everything I wanted, have a luxurious life and fill my days with fun things. Now, i’m 24 years old, and I realize that’s not what I want. Tt turns out that happiness is not just price and has everything, happiness in my opinion is when we can be grateful for what we can, what we have, what we give and all the good things we do for ourselves and for others. Now it is time for me to be grateful with all that is in my life, always do good, always be grateful and be a useful person for this world and life.

Semangat Selalu Buat Teman Teman Yang Sedang Berjuang Diluar sana

— Alif Satria —